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Jupiter Energy Limited

EnergyJupiter Energy Limited (ASX: JPR and KASE: AU_JPRL) is an oil exploration and production company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and the Kazakh Stock Exchange (KASE). The Company owns 100% of an exploration permit (known as Block 31) in the Mangistau Basin, West Kazakhstan. Block 31 is currently 123km2 in size and the entire permit covers an area of proven oil production. The Company has its operations based in the port city of Aktau, which is located approximately 80km from Block 31. The Block 31 permit has a 13 year Exploration Licence as well as a 25 year Production Licence. The current 13 year exploration period runs until December 2019. The Company currently has applications with the Kazakh Regulatory Authorities to approve Trial Production Licences for 5 of its wells (J-51, J-52, J-58, J-59 and well 19) for the 2017-2019 period. These wells are located on the Akkar East and West Zhetybai oilfields. The Company also has a 6th production well (J-50) located on the Akkar North (East Block) oilfield and this well will be returned to production as soon as a Trial Production Licence for the 2017-2019 period has been approved. The Company is currently preparing an application for a Trial Production Licence for this well post the resolution of a dispute over the division of Akkar North reserves. Due to low world oil prices, the Company shut in production during 1Q 2015 but is currently preparing to recommence oil production during 4Q 2017. The Company is only able to sell oil produced during the Trial Production period into the domestic market. Once the requisite infrastructure has been built and approved, oil can be sold into the export market under the terms of the Company's 25 year Production Licence. Further work on the building of the infrastructure will be carried out once a suitable funding package has been finalised. The Company has an experienced Board and Management team with excellent in country experience and a proven track record in developing organisations from early phase to proven revenue generation. This web site seeks to provide a range of information on Jupiter Energy Limited that should be of value to shareholders, investors and other interested parties wishing to know more about the Company and its progress in Kazakhstan.Other Electricity Generation

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