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from 28/10/2021 to 30/07/2022


DAEHO COOLER, we have been loved by our customers by manufacturing and providing the cooling water cooling equipment which are indispensable for all the areas ranging from cooling device for laboratory and experimental equipment to overall industries. Our company has devoted our best efforts and has studied ever with the mind to produce the best and the highest quality of cooling water cooling equipment.
So, we have lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years.

Loudest, most durable megaphone in the world.

from 28/10/2021 to 30/07/2022

Excellent for use in various rescue activities, sports, police station, fire station, school events etc.

Samjoo Electronics, the only megaphone maker in Korea, manufactures and supplies the speakers and P.A. amp systems for broadcasting has been constantly loved trusted by customers.
We are proud of the megaphone, the major product of ours, with no howling effect, which is made by the best homegrown technology. It is the best selling megaphone in the domestic market.
PA power amp systems and speaker systems are contributed to the establishment of public address and emergency broadcasting systems of local communities and official buildings. A multi power PA-AMP system, in particular, is also used as a high-tech amp for the SR as well thanks to its high-quality frequency band and noise-to-signal ratio.
It is recommended that you use the speakers of Samjoo Electronics’ in the broadcasting systems in audio-visual education centers, gyms, sports classes and churches.

To increase the value of water, To connect people with water water, Clean water for all of us.

from 28/10/2021 to 30/07/2022

For heathy and happy lives od loved ones.

The water we wash and drink every day is a precious companion we always share. As a partner (DUO) with water (AQUA), Aqua Duo is a medium that connects water and people, focusing on the essence to make cleaner and healthier water. We make the products I want to buy rather than products that sell well and make safe and suitable products that can take responsibility for people's happiness and health through water, rather than plausible products that follow trends and put forward only concepts. Aqua Duo is with you from the beginning of water so that you can safely meet healthy water anytime, anywhere.

The high-efficiency eco-friendly products related LED lighting

from 28/10/2021 to 30/07/2022

Shinsung CNC Co., Ltd. a specialized company that produces high-efficiency eco-friendly products related LED lighting

Shinsung CNC Co., Ltd. has grown into a specialized company that produces high-efficiency eco-friendly products related to LED lighting, as well as manufacturing glass lighting fixtures and interior-related special glass through steady R&D on lighting equipment for 20 years. With a number of intellectual property rights and certifications with specialized production lines and research facilities, we are securing competitiveness through differentiated product development.

Leader of landscaping facility Field including, playground and water playground.

from 27/10/2021 to 02/08/2022

Founded in 2009, (GreenNare Co., Ltd.) is a landscape facility manufacturer specializing in the design, development and production of outdoor fitness Equipment, children's playground equipment, recreational hydroponic facilities and amenities. At a time when outdoor activities are increasing significantly more than indoors, we are working hard with a sense of mission to build a happy society by providing a space that can protect the health of all of us. With excellent products developed through ceaseless research to differentiate products, we have established ourselves as a trend leader in the domestic home market, and continue to grow in the export market, receiving good reviews in the Japan where highly sophisticated consumer and barriers’ market.

Innovation and Value creation

from 27/10/2021 to 31/07/2022

We will do our best to be a good company that develops together with customers all the time.

Winners is pursuing new changes in residential culture in line with rapidly changing information and digital networks.
With continuous technical innovation and sophisticated design, we are growing into a company which is able to maximize customer satisfaction by producing more convenient and staple products.
Winners, which has been loved not only in Korea but also overseas, is creating convenient and affluent future through righteous management based on people and technology.
We will do our best to be a good company that develops together with customers all the time.
We appreciate for your continued interest and encouragement.
Thank you.

The Chrisef Co., Ltd. has developed a roasted sweet potato ceramic oven.

from 27/10/2021 to 30/07/2022

It started with domestic sales and has now been exported to 10 countries around the world

Thanks to the interest and support of our customers, Chrisef Co., Ltd. has developed a roasted sweet potato ceramic oven. It started with domestic sales and has now been exported to 10 countries around the world, and we are meeting more customers with coffee roasters and Snow Flower Shaver. Our company strives to provide promptly with differentiated devices and products that meet the changing market conditions and consumer needs. We promise to promptly carry out all services through the establishment of an A/S network.


from 27/10/2021 to 30/07/2022

Rinas Daesung's new technology upgrades the taste and convenience of cooking

Rinas Daesung Co., Ltd. is a Kitchen utensil specialized company that manufacturers and distributes products by Researching & Developing the ones that are fit to Korean Kitchen Culture.
With managerial philosophy of " Pursing Quality with Top Priority".
With such effort, Rinas products selected as an " Outstanding Item from Ministry of National Defense and and Public Procurement Service of Korean Government.
We will make our best effort to become the global top company by upmost quality and leading revolution with new ideas.

Genogreen feminine wash

from 27/10/2021 to 27/10/2022

Genogreen has been formulated as a body hygiene products specially designed for ladies having delicate skin. This foam cleanser contains the mixture of herbal extracts treating your skin friendly and allows you to feel fresh and better. GenoTX-407TM Complex is herbal extracts from Scutellaria baicalensis and Magnolia officinalis 

Air capsule, Manual patient stretcher(Normal type)

from 27/10/2021 to 27/10/2022

In the event of various disasters, from social disasters such as traffic accidents and fires frequently encountered in daily life such as COVID-19, to large natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, and earthquakes, the evacuation of existing disaster vulnerable people (infected patients, the elderly, pregnant women, and the disabled) has been delayed due to inefficiency.


from 27/10/2021 to 21/10/2022

New Generation Peptide Filler
Two functional engineered peptides 
Higher HA contents(24mg/mL) 
Eight phase filtering with ultra-functional technology
Multi-way membrane method for removal of residual BDDE

Invitation to Sample Mall

from 26/10/2021 to 25/10/2022

We would like to invite you sample mall for Gate-eye products.
Gate-eye digital locks offer a wide range of products for all door types.
You can purchase samples from Gate-eye through the Kompass Sample Mall.

Ultrasonic spray nozzles

from 25/10/2021 to 17/10/2022

Ultrasonic spray nozzles are used for uinform spray job, particularly for drug-eluting coating.

Meat swon by farmer: Meat Patties

from 25/10/2021 to 24/10/2022

 Alternative meat hamburger patties made from vegetable ingredients only. It is made of vegetables such as TVP, mushrooms, carrots and broccoli. The essential nutrients, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc, contain nutrients that are not found in meat. Good for high protein nutritional food for picky children because they can feel the texture of meat

Character Kids Sonic Toothbrush

from 12/10/2021 to 22/11/2022

- Fun as a toy with various characters
- Silicone material safe for children to put in their mouth
  (BPA free, FDA approved)
- Waterproof IPX7
- The LED lamp that brightens the mouth makes children feel curious, 
  and the guardian can check the corners of the mouth and brush

Pneumatic correction dispenser

from 24/10/2021 to 18/10/2022

The high-precision pneumatic correcction dispenser machine 'Cherry' guarantees DRAMATIC COST SAVING and HIGHEST WORK EFFICIENCY in the manufacturing lines for Semi-conductors or any other product assembly works.
Wire, wireless network let you easily control the central server and build a smart factory with IOT -based controls. And it can be controlled in space other than the work site 
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