CNC control - TNC 320
  • CNC control - TNC 320
Thanks to its flexible operating concept – workshop-oriented programmability with HEIDENHAIN conversational programming or external programming – and its scope of features, it is especially suited for use on universal milling, drilling and boring machines for
series and single-part production
tool and die making
manufacture of machines...

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CNC control - CNC PILOT 640

For many years now, the CNC PILOT has been proving itself in daily use on lathes and has earned a reputation for convenient NC programming. With the introduction of smart.Turn, HEIDENHAIN has made yet another step forward toward greater ease of use. Easily understandable program entry in forms, default setting for global values, numerous selections and straightforward graphic support ensure fast and easy operation. The new smart.Turn interface is based on the proven HEIDENHAIN-DIN PLUS. Because smart.Turn produces DIN PLUS programs. It provides both the NC programmer and the machine operator with all relevant information during program run. Thanks to its flexible design and numerous programming features, the CNC PILOT always gives you optimum support. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing single parts or batches, simple or complex workpieces, the CNC PILOT always provides the right support. The CNC PILOT is characterized by its simple operation and programming. It is quickly learned and requires minimum training time. The CNC PILOT was conceived for CNC lathes. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical lathes.The CNC PILOT supports lathes with spindle, one slide (X and Z axis), C axis or positionable spindle, driven tools and machines with a Y axis and B axis. Regardless of whether you are turning simple parts or complex workpieces, the CNC PILOT provides you with the benefits of graphical contour input and convenient programming with smart.Turn. Programming with variables, controlling special machine components, or using externally created programs, etc. is no problem: simply switch to DIN PLUS. With DIN PLUS you’ll find the solution for your special tasks. NC program at the push of a button with TURN PLUS (option) With TURN PLUS you can create part programs in a very short time. After you have entered the contour of the blank and finished part, you only need to select the material and clamping devices. TURNPLUS does everything else automatically: it generates the working plan, selects the machining strategy, selects the tools and cutting data, and generates the NC blocks. Your result is a comprehensively commented smart.Turn program with working blocks (units). That gives you the assurance you need for optimization and safety when you're breaking in the part program. TURN PLUS can do all that for milling, drilling and boring operations with the C or Y axis on face and cylindrical surfaces as well as on rear-face surfaces in machines with opposing spindles.

CNC control - TNC 640

For more than 35 years, TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN have been proving themselves in daily use on milling, drilling and boring machines, as well as machining centers. While the controls have undergone continuous development during this period, the basic operational technique has remained the same. You will find also these principles implemented in the TNC 640, the HEIDENHAIN contouring control for milling and milling/turning operations: shop-oriented programmability with graphic support, many field-proven cycles and an operational design you'll recognize from other HEIDENHAIN controls. Shop-oriented programming You program conventional milling and drilling operations, and with the TNC 640 also turning operations, yourself at the machine, in plain language dialog—the workshop-oriented programming language from HEIDENHAIN. The TNC 640 provides you with optimum support with practical prompts, questions and expressive graphical aids—for turning operations, too. Standard operations and even complex applications are on call as a large variety of real-world machining cycles or coordinate transformations. Easy to operate For simple work, such as face milling or face turning, you need not write a program on the TNC 640. It is just as easy to operate the machine manually by pressing the axis keys or—for maximum sensitivity—using the electronic handwheel. Offline program creation The TNC 640 can be programmed remotely just as well. Your Fast Ethernet interface guarantees very short transfer times, even of long programs. Universally applicable The TNC 640 is particularly capable in operations on milling/turning machines. The TNC 640 is also intended for HSC and 5-axis operations on machines with up to 18 axes. The TNC 640 is especially attractive for the following areas of application: Milling/turning machines • Simple, program-controlled switchover between milling and turning • Comprehensive turning cycle package • Constant surface speed • Tool-tip radius compensation Universal milling machines • Shop-floor programming in HEIDENHAIN conversational format • Fast presetting with a HEIDENHAIN touch probe • Electronic handwheel High speed milling • Fast block processing • Short control-loop cycle time • Motion control low in jerk • High spindle speed • Fast data transfer Boring mill • Cycles for drilling, boring and spindle alignment • Drilling oblique holes • Control of quills (parallel axes) Five-axis machining with swivel head and rotary table • Tilting the working plane • Cylindrical Surface Machining • Tool Center Point Management (TCPM) • 3-D tool compensation • Fast execution through short block processing times Machining centers and automated machining • Tool management • Pallet management • Controlled presetting • Reference-point management with preset tables • Automatic workpiece measurement with HEIDENHAIN touch probes • Automatic tool measurement and
breakage inspection • Connection with host computer

Description of the Product

Thanks to its flexible operating concept – workshop-oriented programmability with HEIDENHAIN conversational programming or external programming – and its scope of features, it is especially suited for use on universal milling, drilling and boring machines for  
series and single-part production
tool and die making
manufacture of machines
research and development
prototype production and testing facilities
repair departments
educational and training institutes  

The TFT 15-inch color monitor shows a clear overview of all relevant information for programming, operating and inspecting the machine tool and control such as program blocks, comments and error messages. More information is provided through graphic support during program entry, test run and actual machining. 

The selectable split-screen display shows the part program blocks in one half of the screen and the graphics or  the status display in the other half. 

During the course of the program, status displays will always offer information on tool position, the current program, active cycles and coordinate transformations, and other data. The TNC 320 even shows the current machining time.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Components : Computer/Keyboard/TFT
Operating system : HEROS 5
Interpolation : up to 4 axes
Data interfaces : Ethernet; RS-232; USB
Block processing time : 3 ms

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