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Hongxing Machinery, HXJQ (Hongxing Machinery)

The popularity of mobile crushing stations is inseparable from the market conditions. During the rapid development of urban construction, the issue of construction waste disposal is a headache for the government and developers. The recycling of construction waste resources is the most environmentally friendly way out and the market need. Multifaceted improved quality and appearance quality The frame adopts the new hot riveting process to enhance the structural strength and toughness of the equipment; the appearance adopts the sandblasting and rust removal treatment and paint painting process of the automotive process, thereby achieving the multi-faceted improvement of the equipment's internal quality and appearance quality. High-quality wear-resistant material design The wear-resistant block is made of wear-resistant alloy, which prolongs the wear-resisting service life of the equipment; the impact block and the upper and lower runner plates are made of the high-manganese steel structure. And the excellent quality of portable rock crusher machine by HXJQ improves the overall performance of the equipment and reduces the failure rate. Reliable dual pump oil supply lubrication system The dual oil pump complementary system can ensure oil supply, and it can automatically stop when there is no oil flow or oil pressure, which is safe and reliable; the use of a thin oil lubrication system can reduce bearing friction and increase bearing speed, thereby greatly improving working efficiency.

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